Tired at the end of the week

I was incredibly tired today. I’d had a full night’s sleep, but even with that, I felt like death and couldn’t even focus my eyes properly. I struggled to the office, feeling like all the life had leached out of me, and did my best to not keel over.
Just before four I left to see my daughter’s cheerleading show. This was a very short thing: they jumped up and down for a bit, waved their pom poms, and then La Serpiente did her favourite move, which happens to be "the basket" – a strange bit of contortionism. And then, at about 4:10, I went home, head melting in the sun, and spent a couple of hours finishing off the work I’d just run away from.

The kids did go to sleep quickly tonight, but that was because we kept them up until almost nine at a friend’s place, so they were gibbering, weeping idiots by the time we got home. I woke up between two slumbering children at 1030 and forced myself up for a phone call that was scheduled for 1130,only to find at the last minute that it had been cancelled. So that was worth waking myself up for

And so to bed

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