Tired before Christmas

Although riding an electric bike to work isn’t as tiring as riding a wgular one, it’s still tiring – the concentration required to ride at night, the fact that you’re having to heft about a 95 pound lump of metal (and carry it in and out of the basement) and all the gunge in my nose combined to make me feel exhausted when I got home.
Still, I got the kids to bed by 830 tonight, which meant after my brain had woken up again I could get round to doing some work on my Blood Bowl team. I bought a fine detail brush at the weekend and all of a sudden I can paint numbers on shoulder pads, something I thought was impossible before, but now realise was because I was using terrible, knackered brushes:

So that was pleasing. We watched Hot Tub Time Machine, that mid 2000s classic comedy, and now it’s time for bed. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll wake up and feel right. And perhaps we’ll have done all our Christmas shopping…

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