Tired but …. something

I took the girls to their first climbing lesson today, four hours in the gym while we stayed at home and did … stuff. After last week, which seemed to go on forever, this week has begun with a feeling of lassitude that even two cups of coffee couldn’t shake.
Putting my wife’s phone in a bag of rice and in front of an air conditioner couldn’t save it. Paying for the extended warranty did – a new phone is winging its way to her as we speak, either the eighth or ninth handset in the two years since we arrived in this country. We need a bulk discount on phones, the speed with which we go through them.

I climbed tonight, and then we watched the final three episodes of Wandavision. This is to get all the Disney+ out of our system while we don’t have to pay for it. Binged in three days, and now off to bed.

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