Tiring people out

Waffles the dog, poor pandemic puppy that he is, doesn’t cope well with being left at home, as for almost all of his life there have been people around him. So when we go out for the afternoon he gets tremendously anxious.

This morning I tried to wear him out by taking him for a walk, but that didn’t work. When I got back from my weekly trip to Home Depot to buy circuit breakers, I ran him across eleven blocks to where the children were playing in a park, and walked him all the way back, and that still didn’t tire him out. Whereas I was pretty broken, and twenty minutes of VR exercise finished me off.

Then we went out again, this time as a family to tend to a friend’s chinchilla. The chinchilla is one of those great examples of God having a sense of humour, with their big, fluffy bodies and tiny paws, and so we had fun coaxing it from its cage and feeding it. However, it was late in the evening and so there were several weeping fits when we made the girls leave to go home, and worse ones when La Serpiente realised it wasn’t her turn to have me put her to bed. Oh, the humanity.

Both girls went to sleep very fast, so I could spend the evening watching garbage on TV. I guess that improves me somehow. Tomorrow is a holiday so I’m hoping to recuperate …

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