To Astoria, in the rain

We left our house at 9:15 this morning and drove toward Astoria, taking just over two hours to get to Three Rivers Mall in Kelsi, where I charged the car and then we stopped for lunch at a sushi place. Slightly disappointedly, driving the car hard got us only 190 miles of range from 80% charge (if we’d been going slower it would have been closer to 220 or better, but we couldn’t stay in the car forever).
Despite it being April, the skies were still black with rainclouds (it even hailed on us about midday) and the change in pressure seemed to be responsible for giving me a headache. We drove on, got to Astoria about 2:30 and checked out the cannery museum while waiting for our room to be ready.

There are loads of sealions just off the coast of Astoria, who barked at us in most amusing fashion. Enormous aquatic animals are quite cute when they’re 200 metres away and unlikely to bite your face off.

The hotel is ok. The swimming pool there is a great success for the children. The reception staff are … Interesting. One was very cheerful and helpful, the other couldn’t be bothered to do anything, which was fun. Check us in? Too much like hard work. Never mind.

After a big swim, where I was ready to fall asleep (first time in ten months, and I was surprised I didn’t drown) we walked a mile to a fish restaurant in the driving rain, fed the kids, and then I hustled back to pick up the car, so I’m now cold and wet but at least have done my 10,000 steps. Tomorrow it’s probably chucking it down with rain again, but we’re prepared, at least.

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