To LA and beyond

I got up this morning, looked at all the rain outside, and then hustled La Serpiente off to school. I had a 9:24 flight to LA which gave me exactly two hours from school drop off to take off. My Uber got me to SeaTac and then I breezed through security, arriving, coffee in hand, fifteen minutes before boarding.
The plane was mostly full but I had a spare seat next to me again. We trundled out to the runway. And then we stopped.

Something on the plane needed maintenance, so back to the gate we went. I dozed off for a bit; there was nothing to worry about as I had a two hour margin between arriving in LA and my meeting. I woke up. They were turning the plane on and off to fix the issue. Whatever.

It didn’t fix the issue, so then they decanted every passenger and we stood around like idiots while they tried to magic up another plane. They did that, but it would be taking off three hours later than expected.

So I debated going to LA, missing my meeting, and then finding the plane to take me home was broken, or fog wouldn’t allow us to fly to Seattle, or something dumb, and then I went back to the office to do my meeting by phone, which I probably should have done in the first place. Oh well.

I had five hours of meetings and then went home, a wreck. I am glad I onyl flew twice this week, because I’m tired and have the start of a cold, and so being home on time to put the kids to bed is a blessing, even if I was befuddled and grumpy by 6pm.

This weekend there will be no planes, but we did plan a hike in Issaquah. Which, we just learned, is suffering huge floods. So, we, maybe not. What’s the next surprise?

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