To the doctor

I finally, after a year here, got around to seeing a doctor to get my statin represcribed. That meant masking up, waiting thirty minutes for an Uber, going to Fremont and then waiting outside before having my appointment. It’s good it’s not raining at the moment.
Unlike Singapore, where any medical practice can take a blood sample and send it for testing (or perhaps just because of covid) I have to make an appointment two weeks hence to get blood work done. And so after getting a prescription, I went home, chastened that I seem to be getting ever heavier and less healthy, and then ran to the pharmacy, a nine minute jog.

The Walgreens I went to has big signs saying masks are mandatory. Nobody else was in the sho, apart fr a man who came in as I was leaving, not wearing a mask. Or shoes. That part of Ballard is a little sketchy, and also doesn’t care about face masks, I think. I went home with my pills, to find my children going mental after a day of play. La Serpiente screamed and screamed because we made her tidy her toy room, and didn’t let her watch TV (because of all the screaming). So that was a restful end to the day.

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