Today has been a good day

After more than six and a half years, my wife surprised me today by getting my painting hung up in our bedroom. I’ve had this dubious portrait of me for more than a decade: it’s accompanied me from Kent to London to Hong Kong to Singapore, and ever since we arrived here it’s been wrapped in brown paper. But no more. My garish moustachioed visage is free once more to gaze gormlessly down upon me. And it hasn’t gone mouldy in that time either, which was the main reason I was too scared to unwrap it for the last few years.

As well as this singular joy, I went climbing today, and whereas yesterday I was too tired to do anything much, I went with a friend from work who’s better than me, and so I learned a thing or two more about foot placement, but I also had the advantage of upper body strength so I could still show off a thing or two. Like missing my footing and dangling half way through a problem, then yanking myself up.

I went home, got the girls to sleep (which only took about an hour of them singing and thrashing around) and then I went to play a game of Blood Bowl on my computer. I’ve been playing online for a month or so now, and consistently losing against every player, but I figure gradually I’d learn something.

Today I played a guy who beat me 4-0 last time we played, and after he’d scored within the first three turns of the match, he gleefully suggested he’d be winning 5-0 this time. But he hadn’t reckoned with my vicious tactics. With every turn I bashed his players to the ground, then surrounded them and fouled them as hard as I could. There’s always a risk in doing this that you’ll get a player sent off, but I was lucky and dished out a series of injuries and knock outs, only losing one player in return, and levelled the score just before half time.

In the second half, I had a clear numerical advantage, and I pressed that, continuing to batter at his team at every opportunity. I’ve become cautious after my last few games, including ones where I snatched defeat from the jaws of an almost-certain draw, so I was very careful today. By the end, I’d got him down to four players and he was blaming unlucky dice for losing. Which I probably will on my next game, but having finally won a game after going 1-0 down to start leaves me crowing about my superior planning and ignoring my own luck.

And then I got to watch Bojack Horseman, so it has been fun all round.

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