Today was a good day

Although I ended up sleeping in the girls’ room (for reasons I don’t really begin to fathom, but I assume something to do with a fear of volcanoes) I got quite a bit of rest, and so felt pretty fine when we went to see our friends for a morning at the pool. I wish I’d had more for breakfast than a solitary English muffin, because by 1 pm I was lightheaded and desperate for food…

… which meant I probably stuffed more felafels into my mouth than I really should have done. Oh well. The children, exhausted by a morning of running around like crazy and swimming, ate, and were well behaved, and that meant I could sneak off at 3pm to go climbing.

I dangled from the chin up bar for a minute to warm up. I now regret this, as it’s given me a small but very painful blister in the first joint of my right little finger, but that didn’t stop me from getting to the top of every problem I attempted (with one or two exceptions). So I’m feeling less like the 6-week layoff destroyed all my ability, and more like I should be able to get it back.

Then home to rendezvous with the rest of the family again, where we fed them, plied them with a very little TV, and then they were in bed and asleep before 7:15, poor mites.

That gave me ample time to play another game of Blood Bowl, and construct a spreadsheet to track the status of some of my resolutions. As of now, holding at 100% attainment on walking the girls to school, and 90% for not drinking more than one cup of coffee per day.

And on we go…

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