Tournament thoughts

I’m recovering now from the mental exhaustion of running the tournament today – with a last minute drop out and another last minute addition, we had 22 people playing (including me) which was a good lot of coaches, each bringing something slightly different.
I stayed up too late last night (until just before midnight), then wasn’t efficient getting breakfast, stopping at a Starbucks I couldn’t find in order to get an overly milky coffee. I could also have done with an assistant, because trying to run the administration of all the team entries and then the result sheets was a bit much: a few times we got results transposed so the winner was the loser, or we had the wrong count of touchdowns. No irrevocable errors, but with a scoring program that has a tiny typeface, and my less than readable result sheet design, it was harder than it needed to be.

One other thing that came up as I was reviewing the stats afterwards was that the prize for most casualties went to a guy with 15 casualties, who’d sustained 7. Whereas another player got 15 casualties and only suffered two. I wonder if I need another prize for that.

Everyone seemed very happy with the event, and it was good to get a few more connections, find some way to get more leagues playing in Seattle. As I left, I tried to book the room for my Halloween tournament, only to find the room already booked by somebody else, which threw me into a tailspin – thankfully it was one of the other organisers, booking it for me so it wouldn’t be blocked. Onwards!

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  1. It’s hard work organising “fun” things. But seems like your hard work paid off and was greatly appreciated.

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