Tricked! Again!

I rode to work today, because the weather forecast was "cloudy" and after Monday I didn’t trust the forecast anyway. I wore my corduroy jacket (purchased from Marks & Spencer in 2006 or 2007 before a blind date) and it turns out a teenage jacket is not warm enough for near-zero temperatures and cycling.
Still, it’s not like I have a mound of extra coats at work, so this evening when it was time to ride home I had to wear the same jacket and get just as cold.

Well, colder. Half way up the hill into Ballard, it began to either rain, sleet or hail, I’m not sure which, abating just as I got home. My wife was on her way out to her book club, so I had the kids to put to bed. Destroyer screamed at me, then acquiesced, and I had them both down before 8pm,when I could then go downstairs, catch up on some work, have a game of Blood Bowl, and then try to build up the resolve to go swimming.

Instead, I waited for my wife to come home, then went for a walk. I got about a block from home when it began to rain again, first a sussurus of precipitation and then full on rain. Undeterred, I rushed home, got an umbrella.. And then the rain stopped and didn’t return for my entire walk, all 15 blocks of it.

Perhaps it will rain all night and prevent me from sleeping. I wouldn’t be surprised. But what weather tomorrow?

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