Warned of showers this morning by our Google Home, I took the bus to work, and there was no rain all day, so I missed a perfectly good opportunity to use my bike.
Trying to be healthy, today I only ate vegan. That meant no eggs for breakfast, no milk in my coffee, no pizza, avoiding snacks in favour of fruit, and generally being abstemious until I got home and my wife had made egg fried noodles. But I ate less today and hopefully arrested my constant weight gain. It’s more about having a happier belly at this point. And hopefully I’ll manage to swim this week. And not sink.

La Serpiente lost another tooth today, which costs us another five dollars. That’s progress of some sort, I guess. I lost a game of Blood Bowl 4-0 but actually enjoyed it, which maybe means I’ve turned a corner since last week. And on, and on, and on…

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