Trying to get ahead

Another long day of work today, but tomorrow I have a CAT scan for my neck, and an eye exam, so I had to get as much done as I could, given I’ll spend a lot of tomorrow travelling between medical facilities or being poked, prodded and stared at.
As my wife has her driving knowledge test in less than a week, I cajoled her to take a few online tests for prep; she got to 87% fairly quickly, so I hope she’ll make it through without much bother.

What may be more difficult is getting her instructional permit, because of the proof of identity requirements. If she only had her gun license, parole board letter or a record of her boat, it would be quite easy, but we have things like her Hong Kong ID (no expiry date on that, birthdate is written as every sensible country does rather than the American way…) or her birth certificate (curiously missing her signature or a photo) and it’s not clear that a passport and a valid visa is enough to show she is who she is. At times like this I miss the super integrated Singaporean approach.

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