Trying to get back on a routine

I missed blogging for the last few days- traveling to San Francisco was disruptive, and then on Friday night I went out with one of my old managers and we got stinking drunk, to the point that I thought staying up late to watch the Robocop remake was a good idea. (It wasn’t: even on our brand new, enormous TV, the charmless cgi and the removal of all the intelligence of the original left nothing much at all).

On Saturday, I was just a waste of space all day, apart from occasional trips to Home Depot to buy more parts.

But today, we packed things in. The girls made Lego in the morning before we toll them to Half and Half Doughnuts, a hipster store in a sketchy neighborhood ("Mum, Dad – why is that man only wearing underpants?") then off to Costco to fill the car up with petrol, back to Home Depot to return incorrect purchases and look for Halloween decor, and then back home, where I persuaded the girls to ride their bikes up to 85th street and play with friends before riding home again.

We had friends over to play in the afternoon, so I got a bit of time back to work on my 3d printing workspace and to go for a run, and that was probably too much exercise in one day: I’m now on the sofa, starving and wishing I didn’t have my invisalign in. And there was also the trip to the supermarket, where among yogurt and kale we also dropped eighty dollars on Halloween decor (well, a life size skeleton and some Halloween stuffies for the girls). Hopefully we’re back to normal now, right?

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