Tuesday is like Wednesday

Today, in a bad mood (frustrated by the pace of work, or antsy because I hadn’t had any proper exercise like carrying a shed on my head through Ballard in at least 36 hours) I rode with the girls to our usual cafe stop, then went to a small park and we ran around for a bit, then went home.
As Destroyer rides her bike more, I’m increasingly noticing how small it is, and wondering if she’d do better with a larger bike. La Serpiente’s, which looked so big when she first got it, now just seems a normal size. Another sign of the girls growing up so rapidly.

I had a short run to do tonight, only half an hour of easy effort (tomorrow, my first interval session in months, promises to be tougher) and then my wife and I settled down to watch the second half of Saved, a teen comedy about a evangelical Christian school in Maryland, which I half remembered from watching maybe 15 years ago, back when I got DVDs of movies I thought I might want to watch mailed to me. Technology moves on, and then it stays the same.

I read some more of the book about comedy my wife bought me, and then I had my nightly game of Blood Bowl, and now it’s bedtime. Another day in the can, and on we go.

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