Turkey Trot

I went for a run today, for the first time in a year, if you exclude a few random attempts to run a block or two. It was the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot in Seattle, and rather than a mass start, people just went and ran 5k when they felt like it.
I ran with an old friend from our days in Hong Kong, and it was a perfectly pleasant relaxed jog, averaging 6:30 pace the whole way round. Then I went home and lay on the sofa all day, feeling utterly exhausted.

(Apart from the half hour of VR boxing that probably ruined me even further.)

It was nice to go for a run, as well as to find the running tights I got for Christmas last year fit (this was my first time wearing them – I did say I’ve not been running much).

I was feeling tired though; after James Bond last night I’d struggled to sleep, and stayed up until 3 reading Joe Abercrombie’s The Wisdom Of Crowds, which was great, if hardly uplifting. Tonight, I hope, is an easier sleep, because tomorrow I’m digging a ditch for an electrical cable …

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