Ultimate Frisbee

We got up early today (well, early for a Saturday) and drove La Serpiente down to a playing field just a bit south of Seattle for her first Ultimate Frisbee match. This consisted of a lot of running about, somewhat confused, and some attempts to throw or catch the frisbee. At one point La Serpiente had the frisbee thrown at her and she caught it while in the end zone, and the look of surprise on her face as she realised she’d scored a point was priceless.

The other team had clearly played more than once, and eventually won 7-5, but that was closer than I’d expected. Destroyer, who’d come along as well, was less excited and preferred to run around the playground nearby.

We went back into Seattle, I had a disappointing grilled cheese at the Seattle Center, and then we got the chance to take Waffles for a walk while his owners were taking their kids to the theatre. So we walked Waffles a total of 40 blocks to the ice cream shop and back, properly wearing him out, dear boy, fed our girls ice cream and then went home to rest our aching bones / tidy the house and try to unpack. There’s still mounds of stuff everywhere but it’s slightly tidier than before – my hope is that by the end of the weekend things are in some semblance of order. Well, I can hope, can’t I?

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  1. I read all about Ultimate Frisbee on Google, sounds an interesting & fun game. And how wonderful La Serpiente scored.

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