We finally got round to emptying the last mound of boxes from when we relocated from Singapore 18 months ago. Most of what we’d transported was either bits of art La Serpiente and Destroyer did over the last three years, or some mouldy pads of lined paper. Why it took us a year and a half (and then five hours) to get round to this is one of the mysteries of modern life. And now we have a slightly messier house. This then inspired me to tidy some of the enormous mound of fruit boxes in the back porch, so we can get into the back garden without falling over cardboard packaging.
I also fetched some prints from the framing shop; La Serpiente laughing at a couple of donkeys, the view from our living room in Singapore, and the Horniman Museum walrus. This induced some debate as to where we would put these in the house, as if there shouldn’t be a 30 inch tall picture of a walrus glowering across the living room. (There won’t be; I’m putting it by my desk upstairs so it can watch me work.)

I put the girls to bed, after drinking a couple of pints of cider and forgetting to give them any melatonin, so it took almost an hour to persuade Destroyer to go to sleep. Having done with that, I played around in virtual reality for an hour or so, and then curled up on the sofa to recover.

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