Unexpected delights

For a treat, and as demanded by the girls, we’ve been watching Prince Caspian, but the second hour is a battle where the animals storm a human castle, and initially La Serpiente was excited as various anonymous soldiers get killed, but then due to poor strategy on the part of the Narnians, the centaurs, Minotaurs and everyone else get slaughtered by men with crossbows and the advantage of being several stories above a courtyard with no exits. Cue screaming and weeping from my children, rage from me at the inappropriate level of violence depicted throughout, and having to calm them down with two brand new pig stories that I made up on the fly.
Up until then, the day had been good. Wed driven down to the Franklin Ghost Town trail, which walked us through an abandoned mining town. That overexaggerates it; there’s no buildings left except a broken down corrugated iron shack, and the tops of a couple of mine shafts, plus a cemetery that’s totally overgrown. Still, we got a big walk in, had pancakes afterwards and also gorged ourselves on ice cream, coffee, cupcakes and so on.

On the way back, the girls were tired, but excited to visit the car wash (the simple pleasures in life, eh?) before the now dubious treat of the film. Oh, and we had cider, and burgers too. Possibly not the healthiest of Saturdays.

With the children in bed, I played Cyberpunk for longer than necessary, and also painted the eyes on my orc Blood Bowl team, a tricky operation but with pleasing results on 5/6 players. Next, the shorts, and then the details ..

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