Unicycle adventures

La Serpiente’s gym teacher came over this morning to give her unicycle assessment. This required our daughter to get on her unicycle, travel 50 metres and dismount gracefully. It was another grey Febjuly day in Seattle, with omnipresent drizzle, but this didn’t faze her in the slightest. She got on, rode the entire perimeter of the park and got off again beautifully, and for this was awarded a t-shirt and a cardboard placard, stating she was the 150th child to have passed. So we were pretty stoked.
Later, the sun came out and we played tag in the park. I still have raw speed and the ability to change direction quickly, so we had fun as the kids chased me around, tried to gang up on their father, and so on. In the afternoon, I walked them until they were tired, then went back to my desk and tried to work some more. It’s been a tough week to get stuff done, especially with birthday celebrations and holidays, so I hope I take some rest, and get more energy for tomorrow.

Oh, and I played four Blood Bowl matches – a loss, my opponent concded at half time, and two full wins. So that was nice.

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