Tonight we unpacked lots of boxes. I disposed of ten or twelve by giving them to a coworker, which made me realise there were a lot more to get rid of, so once the children were asleep I went through a whole bunch of boxes in the toy room.
The good news is that you can now get into the toy room, as there isn’t a huge tower of boxes in the middle of it. The bad news is that I’ve now erected a slightly wider tower of empty boxes in the living room, at least until we persuade somebody else in need of moving boxes to come round and take them. But I have faith that will happen.

In my excavations I uncovered four cartons of books for the children, and several enormous boxes of toys. They’re now either unpacked or in position to be unpacked tomorrow, after which we’ll have a tidy living room again, a terribly messy bedroom and some semblance of order elsewhere. And on, and on and on it goes. My goal is to have the house shipshape by the time my parents arrive at the end of October. And by ship shape I mean listing hard to port while a bunch of drunken sailors rampage around.

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  1. I’ve got one moving box in a cupboard because someone sent me an eBay parcel in it and it was such a strong box I couldn’t bear to condemn it to recycling. I thought someone would be bound to want it but no takers. Possibly one by itself isn’t in demand.
    I always read “moving box” the other way.

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