Today I unpacked the toy room (mostly). It’s good to be alone in the house, because this meant creating a lot more mess (and swearing loudly as I moved the incredibly heavy bookshelves up to the girls’ room). I had put as many boxes as I could into the toy room to get them out the way, but to unpack all the toys I had to move most of the boxes out of the room first. Then I unpacked all the boxes containing toys and moved the empty boxes out, and now the toy room is messy but full only of toys, and the living room is a total mess again. So tomorrow I’ll unpack or rearrange the living room, and then maybe more of the house will magically organise itself.
I got home just after seven, and made a start on the toy room about 730. I gave up (or finished) at 930, so that didn’t leave much time to play the banjo, which is probably good for the neighbours. Still, onwards with that.

I watched a little bit of TV, missed my wife and daughters, and wondered why I couldn’t play Blood Bowl tonight. Oh, and then panicked because I have an MBA assignment this week I haven’t started on, that’s due on Sunday. Five more days….

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