I went to the office today for a few meetings, and then mid afternoon felt terribly grotty. First my eyes were bad, then a wave of nausea crept over me and I thought I was going to puke at my desk. I hauled myself down to the basement and drove home, then went to bed, waking up hours later with a sore belly and a tender head.
Still, the sun is out and the weather is nice. I didn’t get much sleep last night because La Serpiente woke me at 2am, needing somebody to soothe her back to sleep. I’m hoping these symptoms of mine are just the accumulation of a lack of sleep and stress, and tomorrow I’ll be right again. Or I’ll have to take the day off and stay in bed until I’m better.

In happier news, my enormous tax refund for 2020 was paid into my bank account this weekend, which is a big step toward paying off the rest of the renovation. The house is getting so close to completion, I can almost feel it.

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