Up early, not up to much

I had calls starting at 7:30 this morning that went on until 11, and as a result breakfast was black coffee and nothing else, and I didn’t recover from this, feeling ever lousier as the day went on.
At 245 I packed in work and drove to the Hyundai dealership, where they fixed my brakes and inflated my tyres. I didn’t want to sit in a waiting room and possibly catch covid so I walked up Aurora Avenue, an incredibly sketchy bit of road, until I got as far as a Starbucks to get a coffee. Leaving there, I saw three police cars on the corner, arresting a man outside a casino. I headed in another direction, not wanting to either witness a shooting or to get shot.

On the positive side, the car is fixed. I really don’t want to go near Aurora Avenue again if I can help it.

This evening I downloaded a series of Lovecraft/Arthur Conan Doyle pastiches, by the wonderfully named James Lovegrove. So far, so much fun. But will I sleep tonight?

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