Up to the North

We got up at 6 this morning, put the kids in the car and started driving. Thanksgiving is a good day to travek; there are other people on the road, but not that many of them. Sadly, it’s hard to get coffee; my wife kept navigating to some very chic, hip espresso joints on the way, every one of which was closed for the holiday. So in the end, Starbucks in a 24 hour Safeway was what it was. No matter, that was coffee.
Last time through the border crossing we waited for 3 hours. This time, with hardly any traffic, it took us about 20 minutes, so that’s probably the best it gets. Then we rolled north and ended up with our friends by 10am,and then it was a matter of clinging on to wakefulness as long as I could.

The kids (3 boys and our 2 girls) all get along, which helps. We went out to a Christmas train in Stanley Park this evening, where the children are chugged through a garden of fairy light displays for 20 minutes, until everyone is freezing cold but entranced. And then home, to eat pizza and drink as much strong booze as we can, and prepare for the morning.

I’m so looking forward to sleep right now, it’s untrue.

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