Uphill slog

Another week of haziness looms, with again little chance to exercise. What’s worse on a Monday is that now the clocks have gone back in the UK, the 2pm meeting I have with London is now a 10pm call in Singapore. Undaunted, or rather unaware until I checked at 8:55 and realised my meeting was an hour away, I went off to do another ascent of the building.

This was a horrible slog. It felt like the worst ascent of the stairs yet; 38 flights of grim misery, sweating in my pollution mask. Perhaps it’s because it’s very warm and I shouldn’t really be wearing a thick t-cotton t-shirt. Perhaps eating a bowl of ice cream immediately beforehand didn’t help either. Shouldn’t that have cooled me off? I struggled and struggled as I went up the stairs, ready to keel over at any point.

And then found I’d beaten my personal best by 4 seconds. Jubilation would have ensued if I didn’t need to stagger back inside the flat and get on a video conference where all I could do was sweat. And sweat and sweat and sweat. I’m sure that somehow it’s making me better, although unfortunately one of the books I got from the library tells me that even exercise of only 10 minutes per day is beneficial to your health, and doing 38 flights of stairs isn’t enough minutes. Do I have to yomp to the fiftieth?

I also saw a link to this fantastic research paper, which talks about ethanol therapy and how “{more} research is needed to clearly delineate when and how cigarette smoking should be integrated into high-performance training programs”. Bravo, for this wonderful example of trolling / demonstrating how you shouldn’t try to force correlations from everything.

Anyway, on I sweat. At least it means I can’t grip the phone well enough to play Township.

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