I was in much better spirits today; I managed to call back to England and wish my father a happy birthday, I ate two flaky croissants, I had some productive meetings at work, and in the evening I worked out, went climbing in Thailand and bowling in a Christmas wonderland, all through the magic of VR. So, despite the never ending story of our house renovation, I didn’t feel as beat down as I have in recent times.
Destroyer made a story book for her grandfather’s birthday, two pages (and illustrations) about a swan called Fuzzy. Her attention to detail was wondrous: on the back cover she’d planned out ten chapters (and then edited some down).

In the very late evening, after two games of Blood Bowl, I drove down to the house to look for an Amazon delivery (possibly taken in by the neighbours, or else robbed from our deserted porch). And then home to bed. Really wondering when we’re getting our car refunded, but I guess that can wait a bit …

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