We left our campsite in Irondale today to head towards the Hoh Rainforest. Packing took us about three hours because once you get camping equipment out of its bags, it naturally grows and grows in size and seems impossible to fit back in again. Thus we had more than half an hour of me trying and failing to close the cargo box on the roof of the car. Such joys.
With the interior of the car filled with pillows, bedding, books, shoes and all the other stuff that won’t fit above, we drove towards Port Angeles, where I was planning to charge the car.

This was another great frustration, because every EV charging station requires a different app for payment, and this one decided it wasn’t going to accept my card or my car, and it was only after turning everything off and on again that it worked. But the kids learned new swearwords and the car is at 80% charge.

While in Port Angeles, we got to see a seal in the water, and a man walking around ranting at nothing in particular. He stomped around the entire quayside and then vanished on a bike path heading inland. Somebody else who could have also taught the girls new words.

With the ranter gone, we climbed up a tower by the water, I got vertigo and went back down, and then we drove off again, getting to Granny’s campsite in time to be bullied into buying ice cream for the girls. Tonight we sleep in a tiny wooden A-frame, smaller than our tent. But I don’t have to try to fit it into our car tomorrow…

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