Ups and downs

My CT scan went incredibly quickly today; I parked my car, went to the third floor of the building, got scanned and then walked out, five minutes after I’d entered. I didn’t even need to pay for my parking I was so quick.
My eye exam this afternoon also went swiftly, because the medical technician who’d spent an hour trying to measure my eye pressure last time had written down how difficult this was, and thus this time the technician didn’t muck about and again, done in ten minutes.

These things being successful, I headed over to REI to check out bikes for my wife, and then on the way out of the car park, managed to smash the wing mirror on the car against a concrete pillar. At only two miles an hour you’d hope it wouldn’t do much damage, but the glass is shattered and the enclosure battered, so I went home in high dudgeon.

It looks like it may be possible to fix the glass quite easily, if I can get the part. The Hyundai dealership says the part won’t be in stock for two months, which is ridiculous, but the Hyundai owners group on Facebook has provided me with lots of helpful advice. And a man in Poland told me to go to my workshop and whittle a new mirror myself. I wonder which I’ll do.

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  1. Glad your appointments went well. Sorry to hear about the car angst. Hope you get it sorted soon.

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