Ups and downs

This was a mixed sort of day; I applied for a new role in the company, taking on more responsibility and going deeper into some work, and got an email at six this morning saying I didn’t get it. So I was a bit morose as a result. On the other hand, I got to do some interesting work today, I had a few exciting meetings that weren’t just staring aghast at a Zoom call, and none of my kids banged their heads on any walls. I even managed to walk almost 10,000 steps for a change, rather than slowly turn to cheese in my chair. And my wife’s painkillers may be showing some impact on her agonising back.
All this, and most importantly I played La Serpiente at backgammon again. This time I went a bit harder, making some deliberate tactical mistakes but not being a walkover, and as a result I won the game. Now we’re at 1-1 and my daughter has demanded we play every day and keep a tally of who has won the most. When I explained to her that this was going to make her better at mathematics without even having to try, she looked either excited or aghast. Let’s see how probability does, or doesn’t feature in her life.

After the kids were asleep, I had two games of Blood Bowl, one where I played badly and had my team smashed to bits, leaving me doubting I even know how to play, and then a second match against goblins, where I pulverised them. But I’ve played goblins lots, so I know a lot of their tricks and how to neutralise them. A victory is nice though; it gives me money to pay for the players that were busted in the previous match. Onwards, to glory!

… And it’s 1am. Onwards to bed, more like.

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