Valentine’s Day Shovelling

The snow carried on, falling more heavily today than yesterday. I woke up in agony, arms and legs equally sore from all the shovelling yesterday, and as my wife was good enough to make everyone breakfast, I had to drag myself outside and shovel some more.
Rather than play in the park, the girls had made a ramp of snow over the steps down from our house to the patio, and were sliding down that. I got to do some more snow engineering, building up the ramp and adding some steps of snow to one side so the girls could get back to the top more easily. We spent the rest of the day between house and park, constructing a snowman (Big Ears, who has big, but misshapen ears, and a short nose), throwing snowballs, and eventually trying to persuade La Serpiente to write some more.

I had a nap today, which was nice, but the day was very long. Late in the afternoon I looked at my watch to discover it was only 2:30, and still the snow fell. The temperature has gone up slightly, which is not good – there’s rain coming and that means icy streets and plenty to opportunity to slip and fall. More time staying in for all of us is prescribed.

In the evening, we went up the street to our friends’ house, where they fed us steak and we drank wine and ate cake. We’d given the girls dinner beforehand so we had a civilised hour of adult time, before we went home and wrangled them into bed. And it all starts again tomorrow…

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