Valentines Day

After this week’s exercise, I was pretty worn out, and having both the girls sleep on me didn’t help much. We distributed Valentines Day cards amongst the family – in the US it seems you give cards to everyone you have any affection for, not just those you’re amorous about – and then I took La Serpiente to school. I bumbled off to work, where I managed as well as I could when I was ten coffees down on reality.
This evening I had a game of Blood Bowl on my Xbox, which was an incredibly frustrating experience. The game kept stuttering and glitching and half the time I ended up pressing the wrong buttons by mistake, and in a crowning aggravation, three quarters of the way through the match the Xbox decided to concede for me, after I’d achieved a fair amount in the game, wiping that all out.

In a huff, I went to the pub and then came home to put the girls to sleep, then drank cider and watched dreadful, zombie films. So, all in all, a classic Valentines Day.

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