Vegetarian fish

After meetings today, we went to a Mexican restaurant in the basement of a posh hotel, and they served us food. Meat, and fish.
I was a little put out because I’d been asked my dietary requirements a few weeks ago, and I’d told them I was vegetarian, and so while I don’t get annoyed if my vegetarianism is a surprise to the restaurant, it’s a bit rich to give them lots of notice and still be served up some brisket.

I figured my meal was on a hotplate somewhere and just not on the menu, so I asked a waitress.

"There’s fish, you can eat fish" she said. Yes, the delicious fish, made entirely of vegetables. I think not.

So I had two spoonfuls of guacamole, three tortilla chips, and a churro.

I was in quite the snit until it was announced that it was good of this restaurant to feed us, as the place we were planned to go had caught fire yesterday. So I feel a little less angry that they had no vegetarian courses, but still. Fish?

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