Veterans Day

It’s Veterans’ Day today, which is one of those curious American holidays that isn’t a holiday for everyone. No, I’m not complaining because ex soldiers get the day off and I don’t. More like I’m confused that the schools are shut but I still have to go to work. Unlike Labo(u)r Day, which everyone gets off.
So I took the bus to work, which was much less crowded than usual, and my wife took the kids on a 5 mile hike through the local parkland, leaving them exhausted by the time I got home tonight. Everyone else was asleep by 830, which prevented me from packing for Singapore like I’d planned, because I didn’t want to wake my poor wife up.

So instead I went downstairs and played computer games for a couple of hours, and now it’s bedtime. Or I get to sleep on the sofa and let the kids wake my wife up.

Tomorrow, normal schedule is resumed. And it’s early school again so I really hope to be asleep quickly in readiness for this…

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