Vision Therapy

I took La Serpiente to a vision therapy appointment today, where she had 90 minutes of being asked questions, wriggling a bit, and having her pupils dilated, the cumulative effect of which was that she got all weepy in the afternoon when she broke her Lego cat that she’d just made, and then wouldn’t eat her dinner. So that wasn’t so much fun.
I got back from the medical appointment and straight into a phone call, until Destroyer began yelling at me, so I yelled back and then she broke down in tears.

And then I had that, and a million voice mails, and the incredible hot weather, and work, to contend with. Basically, it’s been a day. And tomorrow I do it all again, which is why I went to bed early.

Which is why I stayed up late going through paperwork, then played Blood Bowl too much on the computer. Silly, very silly.

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