Waiting for a door there, dear

I spent all day at my computer, with one quick visit to the basement to inspect some wiring, and I think as a result I end the data almost incapable of speech or thought. I did at least put the kids to bed without getting in a monumental huff, although my wife had to bear the brunt of the kids acting at during that after school point where fatigue corrodes manners beyond acceptability.
I don’t want to call it as done, but it’s close to done: we now have a service plug powered up outside the house, next to the air conditioning, and all the wiring is in place inside the house for the HVAC guys, so they can begin the process of activating the heating, just as we approach summer. Well, that means by the summer we’ll have working air conditioning, right?

Apart from following my electrician around the basement, and staring at a computer screen, I did little of note today. I hope tomorrow we re-finalise our decisions around the bathroom (things I thought we’d sorted out months ago) and then slowly watch the house trundle towards completion. We have a concrete floor under our porch now, almost making it our de facto shed. Just waiting for a door there, dear.

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