Wake me up and save me

I kept our rental car for a couple of extra days, and that meant that today I could drive Destroyer to her pre school. Although all the schools shut last week, preschools with smaller class sizes are OK, as far as the Washington state authorities are concerned. It was a cold, crisp day, the sky blue and cloudless once more, and we drove to her school, discovering along the way that she likes Evanescence. It’s odd to think that my daughter at the age of 4 likes evangelical nu-metal from the early 2000s, but there you are.
I had phone calls, I worked on data, I fetched Destroyer, I missed a meeting because I was distracted, my gym closed for a month and I took La Serpiente unicycling, then agreed to a 6am meeting tomorrow with somebody in New York. Is that a good idea?

Today San Francisco announced a lock down of the city for two weeks. With the travel ban now covering the UK (I guess they realised British people might be infectious after all) it feels like things are starting to accelerate. We have plenty of books and food, bracing ourselves for whatever is next. So, onwards.

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