Walking back to happiness

I got hardly any sleep last night, as the girls tag teamed us, constantly getting out of bed and demanding we either let them sleep in our bed, or that we go to their beds. I think this is probably partly because nobody left the house yesterday, so after a half hour row with La Serpiente provoked by her refusing to get a drink of milk for her sister while she was in the kitchen, I resolved to take the girls for a walk.
That had to wait until the early afternoon as I had a meeting after lunch, but with the wind blowing and drizzle whipping in, I figured it would be character building for us to go out. This meant that Destroyer got to refuse to wear her coat, and then when she did have a coat and sweater on, she left them totally undone as we wandered through December Seattle.

Still, we made it to the coffee shop without massive argument, and I got both girls hot chocolate, before we went to the library to drop books off. With a quick pause to get La Serpiente a cheese quesadilla, we then went to the bookshop. The girls chose a book each and then we walked home, as La Serpiente explained to me that it was better to buy books than get them from the library.

No, La Serpiente, no! Libraries give us hope…

We got back, and because of our lunchtime row the kids had lost TV privileges, so instead we constructed gingerbread houses together, and then we put the kids to bed. So far, they’re still asleep, so perhaps that walk worked…

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