Walking back to happiness

I went for a walk around our house today; it’s bizarre seeing that we’re so close to being complete now: being able to walk from the front door, through the kitchen, down the stairs and into the basement is a strange and wonderful thing. I hadn’t realised that we’re losing the view from the kitchen of the mountains, but then we’re gaining that back from the upper deck. And the view was a tiny peek through a wonky window in the back porch, so, uh, never mind, eh?
The builders have been busy; there’s a baseboard heater installed in the kitchen, more heaters ready to go in the extension and the living room, and lots of other bits tidying up and coming together. I went into the basement, and again that reminded me of what a lovely space it will be – the basement we are in right now has a seven foot ceiling, which isn’t that low, but it feels terribly cramped in comparison with eight feet (and perilous for working out in VR when I wave my hands above my head…)

I fetched the girls from school today, and, manic, they spent the whole walk home repeating the phrase "cut the cheese", gradually shriller and louder until I had to tell them to stop. But if that’s the biggest worry I have, life is not so bad …

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  1. “cut the cheese”, is that American speak for “cut the mustard” ? Answers on a postcard please.

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