Walking on a cold day

I walked the girls up to the library again today. Every Wednesday their classes finish at lunchtime, and so with no fixed meetings in the afternoon, and after recovering from a morning of non stop meetings, I had time to walk them up the hill. Destroyer got in a massive snit because I wouldn’t give her a treat straight away, so I had to give her a piggyback ride to get back in her good books. Then of course La Serpiente wanted one as well, and I thought my knees would give out carrying her up to the top of the hill. I hope it makes me stronger.
This evening, after the girls had their bath and went to sleep, my wife and I binge-watched It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and then played Beat Saber together. This is a VR game where you have to slice glowing blocks with imaginary light sabres in time to dreadful music, and I couldn’t see the appeal until I played it, and now it’s one of those things I rather enjoy.

Having played for half an hour we were both worn out. I’m assuming I get some cardio benefit from playing it, although not as much as if I’d been for the walk I’d planned for the evening. Still, almost 10,000 steps anyway, which is not so bad on a wintry day with the sky closing in around us. Onward, to Christmas!

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