Water sports and grocery shopping (delayed)

This afternoon we went to visit my friend Heather, who used to be a colleague of mine when we worked for Expedia in Singapore. We saw her in June of 2019, so it’s been a while and we had lots of catching up to do.

She had her three nephews staying with her, and so at some point the evening degenerated (probably when we brought out our supply of water balloons) and soon everyone was soaked. And then somebody pointed out my wife’s phone, floating in the hot tub.

I’m not sure if Google’s waterproofing has improved enough to deal with immersion. Certainly my wife killed one phone in 2019 by dropping it in a swimming pool, and there’s been two or three more smashed phones since then, but hopefully a bag of rice tonight might save it, or we lean hard on the extended warranty and hope to have a new handset by the end of the week.

The water fight was fun though.

Going home, La Serpiente fought hard against sleep, and then demanded cereal when we got home. And then I had to placate Destroyer, who was very angry that I wasn’t lying next to her in bed when she’s scared of monsters. I assume monsters would be scared of her, but what would I know?

Tomorrow, they start their climbing camp. Tomorrow, I also have to run out and buy bread and cheese first thing in the morning so they have something to eat in their packed lunches. Man alive, it’s going to be a day.

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