Against my better judgement, we went down Puyallup way to the Wild Waves Water & Theme Park, which I’d seen from I-5 numerous times and assumed to be just a Waterpark. There are a lot of waterside, but also rollercoasters,, a ferris wheel, toxic food concessions, the whole nine yards.
La Serpiente wanted to go on the terrifying rides, whereas Destroyer, like me, didn’t, so we had fun hanging out and going on waterside until lunchtime (both revolting and expensive) and then I fell asleep by the pool, surrounded by people with questionable tattoos, and woke up at 3:15pm, ready to take the girls for nitrogen-frozen ice cream and then drive back via a mall in Tukwila to exchange some foreign currency.

The theme park, while expensive, gave us year long season passes with 12 guest passes, so we can take friends pretty much whenever we want, and so it’s not as bad as I thought. We got home, I went out for my fortnightly war gaming session and got blown up again as usual, and on to the end of the night…

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