Wearing the girls out

We did a good job of wearing the girls out today. They got in an early counterstrike: Destroyer came in at 5 in the morning demanding I attend to her at the lavatory, and then she stayed in our room while I slept with La Serpiente and kept getting headbutted.

We retaliated: I took La Serpiente climbing and my wife dragged Destroyer to the library, via two coffee stops.

I climbed a little myself; easy stuff that was well within my abilities, and some conditioning. I went up one long route on the autobelay and had to downclimb all the way.

La Serpiente did OK. She’s intimidated by the bigger kids (who don’t seem very bolshy, just bigger than her) and she did say that she liked having me watch her climb, so there are ways to encourage her. We have some more climbing plans for her in the last few weeks before they fly away.

After that, I took La Serpiente to the doctor (I needed to pick up a prescription), ummed and ahed when she got hold of various pamphlets about STDs and asked me which ones I’d had, and then took her to a friend’s condo where they played, then went swimming for an hour.

The two girls are amazingly confident in the pool now, a little too confident at times, but that also helped wear them out, and also me. We got home at 4:30 and I sparked out on the sofa for an hour. Then the girls came home again, zombified after an hour at the playground, we stuffed them with food and then I put them to bed.

This was a particularly easy bedtime. I had the lights off and Destroyer was instantly asleep, and La Serpiente a minute or two later. That left me the evening to drink beer, pack, and gorge myself on regrettable foods like French fries. Next week I promise my diet will be better.

Except I will be in the US. Let’s see how that works out.

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    • Nope, still ruddy terrified by it. Had a friend belay me yesterday and that was so much more enjoyable. Or rather, I seem to have stopped worrying about falling to my certain doom, which is pretty much the same thing, I guess

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