Wearing the kids out

La Serpiente was floppy and exhausted all day, and it wasn’t until the evening that we realised this is what happens when she stays up super late for the Halloween carnival. Whoops.

Luckily, tonight we had people over for drinks and so La Serpiente didn’t go to bed until 930 again. So Sunday will be a similar trial for her of being exhausted all the time. Early to bed on Sunday and I hope she’s ready for school in the morning.

We did our best to wear the kids out today. We walked them all the way to the Leif Eriksson Hall in Ballard, where there was some sort of Scandinavian bazaar. We bought a new quilt for our bed and some scented candles, and fed the kids waffles before walking more around Ballard, and then taking them to our local park for three hours to fly kites while my parents tried to nap away their jetlag.

This should have got the kids to sleep fast tonight, but when we invited our neighbours over theiy brought their daughter, a friend of Destroyer, and so the girls played like crazy Kate into the night. OK, they fell asleep fast, but we could have got them in bed earlier if we hadn’t been enjoying things so.

So I hope tomorrow is a bit more orderly. Let’s see.

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