Wearing the kids out

This morning La Serpiente rode her bike up to the coffee shop on 80th, and her sister accompanied her, riding on the back of my bike. Once again, this was ten blocks of relentless uphill, and from time to time she’d want to rest, but I pressed her to carry on until we got to our destination. Then I loaded both girls up with steamed milk and pastries, before returning home.
I hadn’t realised how successfully I’d tire her out. We drove to REI this afternoon (I needed to replace worn out swimming trunks) and La Serpiente fell asleep, something she never does in the daytime. When she acted out at dinner and we told her she’d have to go to bed, she said she didn’t care, and it was true – she was in bed and asleep by just after 7.

So this evening, I did a little bit of painting (I have roughly three teams to do at the moment) then went to climb for an hour at Seattle Bouldering Project. This was a bit disappointing as mostly I wasn’t doing as well as I did last week, but I suppose being tired and a little distracted can take the blame.

And thence, to bed. La Serpiente has begun to wake up as it’s midnight, and we’re making concerted efforts to have her sleep in her own bed for a change. Let’s see how this works out.

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