Wearing the kids out

It was probably a bad idea to stay up until 3am playing Blood Bowl on tbe Xbox, but it did mean I was awake at 1 o’clock when La Serpiente woke up wanting her mother, and got her back to sleep, before going back to organising a fight between some blokes and some orcs. Still, though, not great when I woke up this morning on the sofa feeling dreadful, with no coffee to rescue me.

We had a brunch planned with friends, so after loading the kids up with enough toast and cereal that they were batshit crazy complaining about being hungry, we went over to see them and dined on baked eggs and breakfast bar. The latter my wife had freshly made, and then carried over in a hot glass tray, holding it with some rather natty enormous blue oven gloves I bought in the supermarket.

We ate all the food, and then when everyone was stuffed went to swim. This had been my ulterior motive all along in proposing brunch, although I thought we’d eat after swimming, not before. Still, nobody vomited or drowned, and I managed a few lengths, in between La Serpiente trying to drown me, and also proving to Destroyer that she can swim 25 metres with only a little assistance.

One discovery was that if I make my strokes shorter, I get a higher turnover rate on my arms, and don’t get so tired, so I can go longer. This, combined with my slower kicking, seems to be helping though my friends were disconcerted, worried I was constantly in a state of drowning. Which seems to be my favourite word today.

We went home about 1; the girls had had an hour of swimming, which far exceeds normality, and they were a bit manic, but I was the one who went to bed. I got up about 3, groggy, and took the family out for ice cream. (I deposited them at the cafe and did 15 minutes of hanging and squats, so again, I missed out, but I’m sure I’ll make it up somewhere.) Again, afterwards the kids were loony, but so tired they were in bed before seven and asleep soon after, leaving us the rest of the evening to ourselves.

And somewhere along the way, I finished the World According To Danny Dyer. It’s been an odd weekend.

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