Wearing them out

After last night when La Serpiente wouldn’t sleep, I decided to wear her out today, so between meetings in the morning I went riding with her, up ten blocks (uphill all the way) and then down again. To make it a bit fairer, I also rode a bike with only one gear, although mine is the right size for me whereas La Serpiente is outgrowing hers. She still approaches it with great enthusiasm, as long as I allow her to put a soft toy in her basket and promise her snacks.
This afternoon it took a bit more effort, the girls growing more truculent through the day, but I got La Serpiente back on her bike, put Destroyer on my cargo bike, and off we went on a two mile trip to the cliffs above Golden Gardens, where we looked out at the sea for a moment and then rode back.

The route was a little hilly, and from time to time I let her pause to catch her breath, but La Serpiente got all the way there and all the way back, without even scaring me too much at intersections. I suppose with most people off the roads at the moment, it’s a good time to practise.

However, all my efforts were in vain because it was my turn to put Destroyer down, while my wife had La Serpiente. The eldest fell quickly asleep, the youngest scolded me and demanded her mother, for me to rub her feet, sit up straight, lie down next to her, fetch water, feed her snacks… The litany never seemed to end, until suddenly she rolled over and went to sleep.

Right now it’s chucking it down with rain. I can only hope it’s dry tomorrow so I can continue my exercise plan for my daughters…

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