Wearing yourself out

It was raining this morning but the sun came out in the afternoon, along with strong winds, and I figured that rather than risk it raining again tomorrow, I’d go and do my time trial today. This was a new kind of suffering: ten minutes of trying to warm up, my legs feeling like cement, hardly even feeling capable of running.

And then six and three quarter minutes of murderousness, trying to run as fast as I possibly could, before walking home again.

As a result, I got home zonked, and spent the evening crawling around the house, wondering why everything hurt so much.

Other than that, a regular day I persuaded my wife to make toffee apple cupcakes, which was a very good idea, and mostly I didn’t lose my mind with the kids. Mostly. I think I need more coffee tomorrow.

3 responses to “Wearing yourself out”

  1. I need to make toffee apple cupcakes, that sounds amazing. It seems to rain a lot where you are. I know that is a well known cliche.

  2. The cupcakes sound amazing. Recipe please. Just eaten the third breakfast bar since lockdown. Wonderful with milkman’s fresh double cream! !

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