Weekend hike

This morning we went over to Coal Creek with a classmate of Destroyer’s, and did the shorter hike around the waterfall (about two miles with a decent amount of climbing). It was raining throughout, but the tree cover was enough that this remained pleasant.
Destroyer stomped about the trails in a real huff whenever we had to go uphill, arms folded, face scowling, but running downhill lifted her spirits (as did finding lots of slugs to look at). We fed them quite a lot of snacks and then drove back through more rain, the kids falling asleep on the back seat before we got home.

I was also fairly exhausted and almost failed to go down to the homeless outreach today, but dragged myself down there. It was sparsely attended; the rain probably kept more people away than usual, but we also didn’t have as much food and water as we usually do.

I drove back without passing out, read the girls about five more chapters of The Silver Chair, put them to bed, and then had the mental energy for little more than staring at the wall. But that’s the weekend done.

This next week, I plan to fix my diet. Or at least, eat less sweets and more fruit.

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