Weekend manoeuvres

I slept in til almost ten this morning, sleeping off the effects of cheese, gin and the Mountains of Madness. Then I went out to climb for an hour, trying ever more elaborate attacks on a route on a 40° overhang, until it was time to come home again.
In the afternoon, while my wife went shopping for a birthday present, I took the girls to the library, and then for their swimming lessons. I experimented today with public transport, which meant we took a bus to close to the library, and then walked. And then we took a bus to not very close to the swimming pool, and then walked. And then we took a taxi home. There were several consequences of this

First, because we had to take a taxi home, I had to lug a car seat and a booster everywhere. La Serpiente was in one of her aggravating moods where she refused to take my hand if I had anything else in it, and this isn’t very helpful when you’re trying to juggle two large bags, a car seat and a three year old child in addition to La Serpiente, especially when trying to cross roads.

Secondly, there was an awful lot of walking involved, just when the sun was blasting down on us.

Third, I’d not had lunch, which really didn’t put me in a good mental state for feats of endurance like this.

And fourth, I asked La Serpiente when we left the library if she needed the loo, and she declined, and then without drinking anything on the way to swimming, suddenly desperately needed the toilet. She used osmosis to harvest moisture from the air? Whatever. We then had to sprint half a mile from bus stop to swimming pool to find an accessible toilet for her. But to her credit, she made it.

Their swimming lessons were great though – again, both girls are becoming more and more proficient – and on the way home La Serpiente was so tired that she fell asleep – perhaps that explained her earlier obstreperousness.

This evening we took in another child for a sleepover. This is a reciprocal deal where somebody else gets to look after our girls for a night. I guess we’re doing well out of that as we have only 50% extra children to manage, not 200%. But we don’t yet know how the evening will go…

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